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55 +/- Head Holsteins
These Holsteins Have had 2 rounds of shots, and have been
together for quite a while. they are on Pasture, and Light Feed, and
Hay Rolls. They are Green and not Real Fleshy. Would like to sell
the Group as a whole, there are 3 or 4 Red Holsteins good ones., 4
Black Holstein, Some are Lighter approx. 175 lbs. Cattle are based
at with a .04 cent slide up only, no shrink, they will be
hauled 15 miles right off the farm. and weight at Bluegrass
Stockyards in "Richmond Ky. cattle will be weighed when all are
in at one time. on a Certified Scale. Any cattle that does not look
right  will pull off and will be left on the Farm. Good Herd of Green ,
Health Cattle.
i like this Herd of cattle, some are a little up and down in size but
the vast majority match up very uniform. They were baught in 2 large groups and
not a bunch of put togethers. they are Priced at 172.00, some of the lighter ones
will sell for 180.00 +/- The Market is not getting any cheaper so if You can use
them here they are. Can arrange Truck anywhere.
                         FOR MORE INFORMATION pH 859-582-6448 THANK YOU.