Video 24
Murphy Livestock
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Fancy set of cattle hand picked, bought as 375- 425 lbs.
Head Count: 135 Steers
Base Weight: 775 lbs.
Uniformity: Uniformity +/- 50 lbs.
Slide: Up only:.04 cents on first 50 lbs., over 51lbs. .06 cents
back to the first pound over the base weight.
Origin: Put together
Location: Eubank, Kentucky
Quality: 100% Choice
Brahman: none
Frame: Medium +
Flesh: Medium  
Horns: Few tipped
Vaccinated: IBR, 7 Way Blk.leg and boostered
Implants: Ralgro  
Wormed: Ivomec pour on Sept.
Feed: Pasture,corn silage 10 lbs. per day
Preconditioning: Yes
Weaned: Yearlings
Color: 96% B/BWF, 2%R/Rwf, 2% CharX/Char
Weighing Conditions: Gather early, gooseneck 9 miles to
Jansen's barn, sort, weigh on the ground with a 1% shrink.No
cattle weighed until all arrive.
Delivery Date: January 26th thru 30th, 2009
For more information Ph Murph 859-582-6448
First Cost $ 94.50