Video 22
Murphy Livestock
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Choice set of black hided, steers. Sort big end out of 250 head.
Head Count: 60 Steers
Base Weight: 840 lbs.
Uniformity: +/- 100 lbs.
Slide: Up only; a .04 cents on first 50 lbs. If over 51 lbs. a .06
cents back to the first pound over the base weight.
Origin: Put together
Location: Chilhowie, Virginia
Quality: 90% Choice,10% Good
Brahman: None
Frame: Medium
Flesh: Medium, few Medium plus
Horns: Two or three with tipped horns
Vaccinated: Bovishield Gold 5, One Shot Pasturella, Vision 7/w
Somnus, boostered
Implants: Component
Wormed: Valbazen, Dectomax (July & October)
Feed: Pasture, hay, silage and glutten last 30 days. Free choice
Preconditioning: Yes
Weaned: Yearlings
Color: 100% BLK/BWF
Weighing Conditions: Gather early A.M., sort one load from 250
head, weigh on ground with a 2% shrink.
Delivery Date: January 12 thru 16, 2009For More information Ph
Murph 859-582-6448
Firtst Cost $ 89.95